Radiant Harmonizer™

The Radiant Harmonizer is designed to improve the energetic and vibrational state of your home. It acts on electromagnetic, geopathic and energetic pollution by inverting the levorotatory torsion field towards an dextrorotatory torsion field. It harmonises negatives energies and restores vitality of your home. It is a reassuring presence in your living space and a valuable tool for every human being in search of wellness. Its construction resembles somehow to orgonite but it is not orgonite. Its structure uses other energy spectra, particularly "adamantine particles". It works by vibrational radiation. The unit provides high etheric energies and pure luminous frequencies. It is also based on radionic principles. The biorhythmic information that it contains is released in your home by two ways:

  1. Radiation via the electrical system of your home.
  2. Direct surrounding radiation, by transferring is energetic information to the water particles contained in the ambient air.

This dual action allows the Harmonizer to act quickly and effectively by saturating your living space. From the Feng Shui perspective, it completely regulates and restores the flow of Chi. In addition, by balancing the cosmo-telluric energies, it recreates the soothing atmosphere of sacred architecture (cathedrals, temples, etc.). This Harmoniser makes significant changes in negative and disturbing aspects of our environment. It works on several levels such as:

  • Any form of electromagnetic pollution (EMF) 
  • Electric cables, transformers and pylons near habitat 
  • Electric Heaters 
  • Geopathic Stress from all sources
  • Geopathic Grids and Lines (Hartmann, Curry, etc.) 
  • Geological faults, underground caves, etc. 
  • Underground water currents 
  • Unhealthy vibrations from any source 
  • Chemtrails 
  • Unhealthy or innappropiate negative thought forms impregnated in places 
  • and much more!

The vibratory rate of the Radiant Harmonizer is exceptionally high for this kind of device, shows that it vibrates on a higher level of Consciousness and Light. It is an energy tool designed for wellness with gentle and profound effects. It is not only a good-looking object; it is a soothing, comforting and protective presence. It is a sacred object. The Harmonizer is consistent with the Universal Laws. It causes no harm to any sentient beings.


This device is born from a deep and sincere desire to offer to the greatest number of people an accessible and efficient energy balancing tool. We wish you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed materializing it!




Those who wish to obtain more details are invited to contact us.


The Radiant Harmonizers are homemade, one by one, and several steps are needed to achieve them. According to the inventory available, it is possible that there is a period of two or three weeks for delivery. Thank you for your understanding!


Europe: People living in a country of the European Union may contact us to buy an Harmonizer. You simply need an adapter to connect the unit. It does not require voltage converter.


Note: This device has not been evaluated by FDA or Health Canada. The Radiant Harmonizer does not replace in any circumstances medical care or medication. It is not intended to diagnose or cure anything. It is a tool for energetic harmonization and must be understood and used for this purpose only. It is sold on an experimental basis only. For all health problems, see a health care professional. 


Éric Langevin: erickange@gmail.com


* All products listed on this website are handcrafted in Quebec City, which explains the delivery delays.

* Tous les produits vendus sur ce site internet sont fabriqués à la main dans la ville de Québec,  ce qui explique les délais de livraison.

The Radiant Orchid Essences™ and the Radiant Harmonizer™ are not to be used as substitution for remedies or medication. These products have not been evaluated by Health Canada. They are not a medical or psychological treatment. Their interventions play on subtle plans of Energy. They do not pretend to treat or heal whatsoever. For all health problems, please refer to a healthcare professional.


Les Élixirs Rayonnant d'Orchidées™ et l'Harmonisateur Rayonnant™ ne doivent pas être utilisés pour remplacer des remèdes ou des médicaments. Santé Canada n'a pas évalué ces produits. Ils ne remplacent pas un traitement médical ou psychologique. Ils interviennent sur les plans  subtils de l'énergie. Ils ne prétendent pas traiter ou guérir quoi que ce soit. Pour tous problèmes de santé, veuillez consulter un professionnel de la santé.

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