Radiant Orchid Essences™


My passion for alternative remedies is equaled only by my passion for orchids. These beautiful and remarkable flowers, often strange, have never ceased to fascinate me ever since I began cultivating them in 1996. I’ve since discovered, grown, tended to and, most importantly, loved these fascinating and magnificent vegetable beings. My collection now holds more than 200 different species. Orchids represent the most diversified and vast family of flowering plants. They are the pinnacle of vegetal evolution; much like the human is to mammals. There are currently between 25 000 and 30 000 species of orchids, not including the thousands of existing hybrids which are created each year. Orchids are found everywhere on Earth, except in the extreme climates of deserts and poles. The high vibrating frequencies of orchids produce elixirs of powerful energetic quality. These essences are simultaneously of great finesse and strong vibrating force. Their action is located in subtle bodies and in upper chakras. They promote the establishment of a link between the highest spiritual dimensions (the Cosmos) and the density of matter (the Earth). They are connected to the Divine Self.


I have worked for many years with mineral and floral elixirs, including Bach Remedies. Over time, it became obvious I must use my orchid flowers that grow at home to realise harmonising flower essences. Guided in that sense, 11 elixirs have come to see the light of day. More elixirs are to take shape with time…


Because orchids are beings with higher consciousness, I deem it imperative that the elixirs of orchids are fabricated in a way that does not harm the plant; respecting the integrity of it’s vital force. The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are produced with a method called ‘’living flower’’, meaning none of the flower or part of the plant is cut, contrary to methods used in the fabrication of traditional floral elixirs. Only the electromagnetic print of the floral structure is used by capturing it in pure, revitalised water. Water, “true electromagnetic liquid band” (Jacques Benveniste), captures and registers the flower’s radiating information. This method, which respects the physical and energetic integrity of the plant, allows the capture of more powerful floral essence with higher vibrating force. By this process, a “Mother Quintessence” is obtained.


The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are then realized using these pure quintessences. Dilution, dynamization and energization methods, allows the realisation of vibrations remedies of great quality and energetic purity. Each flask represents an evocative title in addition to the Latin name of the botanical species or the hybrid name of orchid used. Certain elixirs are sometimes coupled with mineral elixirs. In that effect, the mineral’s name appears beneath the orchid’s name.


The Radiant Orchid Essences™ are prepared with consciousness, love, gratitude and respect in regards of Nature and the kingdom of orchids. May these wonderful flower essences guide you on the road to enlightenment and illumination of your own consciousness and heart!




Éric Langevin: erickange@gmail.com


* All products listed on this website are handcrafted in Quebec City, which explains the delivery delays.

* Tous les produits vendus sur ce site internet sont fabriqués à la main dans la ville de Québec,  ce qui explique les délais de livraison.

The Radiant Orchid Essences™ and the Radiant Harmonizer™ are not to be used as substitution for remedies or medication. These products have not been evaluated by Health Canada. They are not a medical or psychological treatment. Their interventions play on subtle plans of Energy. They do not pretend to treat or heal whatsoever. For all health problems, please refer to a healthcare professional.


Les Élixirs Rayonnant d'Orchidées™ et l'Harmonisateur Rayonnant™ ne doivent pas être utilisés pour remplacer des remèdes ou des médicaments. Santé Canada n'a pas évalué ces produits. Ils ne remplacent pas un traitement médical ou psychologique. Ils interviennent sur les plans  subtils de l'énergie. Ils ne prétendent pas traiter ou guérir quoi que ce soit. Pour tous problèmes de santé, veuillez consulter un professionnel de la santé.

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